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Our Story

AlamJadid all started in a small apartment in Casablanca, Morocco. An idea, and many brainstorming sessions with our investors later, AlamJadid has become the go-to platform for arab internet users looking to make new friends online!!

6 Golden Rules

AlamJadid being a community of people looking to make new friends, different actions could potentially impact the whole experience for hundreds of thousands of people. These golden rules are here to help you meet new people!


Pictures with smiles on them are worth more than any description!


AlamJadid is full of surprises! Will you manage to try them all?


Try to answer requests from as many people as you can! The person you are looking for is maybe one of them!

Be popular!

And increase your chances to meet new people!

Be transparent

Be sincere and straightforward and you'll get to know more people than even before!

Be respectful

Respect everyone and become beloved by all members!


More than 300,000 people use AlamJadid every month to get to make new friends in their city. What are you waiting for to join them?

Khadija, 27 ans.Casablanca "C'est vraiment le reseau social qui nous permet de faire de nouvelles rencontres en quelques clics! quelqu'un crée enfin ce type de sites qu'on attendait tous! Merci!

Amine, 22 ans. Alger "L'intégration avec mon facebook est très simple : AlamJadid m'a permis de faire la connaissance d'autres personnes à Alger avec les mêmes centres d'intérêts et qui cherchent aussi a se faire de nouveaux amis!"

Camilia, 19 ans. Rabat "J'ai jamais vu un site aussi simple à utiliser... J'adore les cadeaux et clins d'oeil qu'on peut envoyer à nos membres favoris pour attirer leur attention".